We are a relatively small restaurant with a huge passion for excellent food and providing the best service to our clients.  We opened in 1987 in Watergardens and are proud to still be serving Gibraltar from the same premises 30 years on.

Gatsby’s is the creation of Vijay Vatvani, a self-taught chef who is as passionate about his food today as he was when he fired up the oven for the first time so many years ago.  He’s a few years older though (and slightly more wrinkly) so Head Chef Sam Martin was drafted in from Bianca’s to take off the pressure.

Sam and Vijay from Gatsbys

Head Chef Sam, left, and owner (and chef) Vijay, right.

Sam and Vijay share the same enthusiasm for providing only the best quality cuisine, using only the freshest market ingredients and  preparing every dish individually while you wait.  With that in mind, if you want to amend your meal slightly, we’ll be happy to customise it without any additional cost.

Our daily specials keep the menu varied, ensuring our regular customers can experience a different taste each time they visit.  The specials are often unique recipes unseen elsewhere, so please don’t be alarmed if owner Vijay is around to describe their ingredients in detail – he is just too passionate sometimes!

Our mission is simple, to give you the best dining experience in Gibraltar.  We’re confident we won’t fail in our mission.